Thursday, September 9, 2010

Commenting on prejudice

I managed to stumble upon a video in which Barack Obama speaked to the people of America on his policies on religion. He made some really good points, but in the comments section I saw something extremely ignorant. It was written by a man who had named himself 'JesusChristRulesYOU'. His words went as such:

"Sorry but this is a Christian nation and we should only have Christian presidents and Christian lawmakers. Obama is a colored man and that is why America is in a recession it is their fault. Plus you have to give your soul to Christianity because if you don't will you burn in hell forever and that is a solid fact."

I responded by saying this:

"You know, I thought Christianity was about peace and love. Kindness to your fellow man, whether he be different to you in skin colour, sexuality, beliefs etc.

Not condemning a man just because he's different from you, but forming friendships and alliances. A perfect world would have members of all various groups and skin colours and sexualities united as one human race."

And continued on with:

"As a pastafarian I believe in something different to you. My beliefs may seem silly, may seem like a joke. But I have all the same rights that you have. I have the right to believe in my beliefs, and so do you. But that gives you no right to murder those who are slightly different. If there is a god, then he wouldn't care if somebody is gay, straight, black, white, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Pastafarian. He would love us all the same and would allow all in to heaven."

Just some thoughts.

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