Friday, August 6, 2010

Nostalgic philosophy

This is John Green's latest video. You can watch it if you want.

It got me thinking about nostalgia. Nostalgia is always there, haunting you like a ghost. It will cloud your thoughts, and change you. Then there is pain (exampled in his video by a pesky bee). Pain is also there, haunting nostalgia. Pain will kill your nostalgia at any point, but more than likely the deepest point. Just as your at the pinnacle of nostalgia, a bee of pain comes and strikes. It is that pain that people hate, and it can embody itself as any kind of memory.

The memory of a loss

The memory of a tragedy

The memory of an incident

The memory of a death

Nostalgia is primarily your bank of memories. As you scan through it you get completely nostalgic, but towards the end you find a tragic memory, the bee that stings you. The bee that harms, the memory that kills. The memory that twists your past, to the point of when it is no longer recognizable.

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