Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shirts and Kinections

Ooh! New design!

Hi, so I've had a bit of an eventful day.

I watched the Xbox 360 E3 keynote-conference-thingy. It was very good. They showed some pretty good stuff. To me, the Call Of Duty: Black Ops demo that they showed does look like just Call Of Duty 4 moved to a new location. I'm not a huge Call Of Duty fan.

Halo: Reach looks very very good. I look forward to playing the campaign mode, and a bit of the multiplayer. I participated in the Beta, and it'd be good to see what's different. But I won't play for probably longer than a month. More than likely less. There are other games to play.

Also, yes. I have seen Kinect. (And yes, that is the most stupid way to spell the word connect). But it looks really cool, and a lot of fun. I want one but probably won't get one when they launch in the holidays. Seeing as that's when Portal 2 comes out, me and my parents will more than likely go the cheaper (and probably more awesome) route. So, yeah.

Also, a shirt came to me in the mail. It's one of the LoadingReadyRun shirts, the earliest one. The slacking one. It is awesome. If you don't know where it's from, click here. Do you want one? Click here.

Thanks for reading, bye!